Blitz Chessbase Amateur Tournament


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Tournament Date: October 7th at 11:00 AM

Place of venue: The tournament will be held in Sala Palmanova  

Swiss system: number of rounds will depend on number of entries.

The tournament will be valid for the Blitz Fide Rating

Playing Rate: 5 minutes plus 3 extra seconds throughout the game from the first move.

Givingprize Ceremony:  October 7h at 13:30 PM

Eligibility: Players with < 2350 Elo Fide rating on October 1st 2018 list and who are not IM or GM title holders.

Entry fee: 10€

Prizes: Chessbase articles worth more than 500 €

1st: Chessbase 14 + Cup

2nd: Fritz 16


3th: 6 months subcription Chessbase Magazine


1ºst < 1900 Magnus Carlsen Master Class DVD 7 h



1st < 1700 ChessBase Magazine 185



1st < 1500   6 months Chessbase Premium Account


1st Under-16: A complete repertoire againts 1e4



Prizes are not cumulative