Blitz Chessbase Amateur Tournament


Technical details


Tournament Date: October 12th at 10:30 AM

Place of venue: The tournament will be held in Sala Palmanova  

Swiss system: 8 rounds

Chess Results

Special prizes: The winners

The tournament will be valid for the Blitz Fide Rating

Playing Rate: 5 minutes plus 3 seconds -  Bronstein

Givingprize Ceremony:  October 12h at 13:30 PM

Eligibility: Players with < 2350 Elo Fide rating on October 1st 2021 list and who are not IM or GM title holders.

Both the initial ranking of the tournament and the prizes for sections will be according to Elo FIDE classic

Entry fee: 10€


Chessbase articles worth more than 500 €

1st: Chessbase 16 + Cup


2º: Fritz 17


3º: sub Chessbase Magazine 6 months subscription


1º < 2000 Big Database 2021



1º < 1850:  DVD ¡Quién teme a 1.e4!


1º < 1700:  Chessbase 6 moths Premium Account


1º < 1550:  DVD ¡Quién teme a 1.e4!

1º < 1400: Chessbase magazine 202

without FIDE rating: DVD ¡Quién teme a 1.e4!

under 12: DVD ¡Quién teme a 1.e4!

 woman DVD ¡Quién teme a 1.e4!

Prizes are not cumulative