17th Calvia Amateur Open   Twitter

registrations & information: info@calviafestival.com

Technical Details


  • Wearing anti covid mask will in any time be required

  • We shall control the temperature of each Player at the entrance

  • Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers will be installed in the playing hall

  • 1,5 m distance between the boards

  • QR codes to facilitate access to all relevant  information



Schedule:   09 - 17 October 2021


8 PM

1st   round


8 PM

2on  round


8 PM

3th   round


8 PM

4th   round


8 PM

5th   round


8 PM

6th   round


8 PM

7th   round


3:30 PM

8th   round


10 AM

9th   round


3 PM

Closing Ceremony


Venue: The tournament will take place from 9th-17th October 2021  in the Sala Palmanova, c/ Diego Salvà Lezaún, nº 2. Palmanova

Format: 9 round Swiss

Time control: 90 minutes for 40 moves + 15 minutes to finish the game with 30 second increments from the first move. 

All the players who are not present at their board 15 minutes after the round starting time will forfeit their game

Eligibility: Players with < 2350 Elo Fide rating on October 1st 2021 list and who are not IM or GM title holders.

Closing ceremony: Sunday 17 October at 3:30 PM

Registrations: info@calviafestival.com

Entry fee: 80€  

under-16: 40€



3 half point byes are available till the 7th round. The players who withdraw from 2 games will be disqualified  

  • Prizes are distributed according to strict classification order.

  • Money prizes are not cumulative

  • The legal Spanish established retaining taxes will be applied.

  • Prizes will be paid by bank transfer


Tie Break:

  • Bucholz Brazilian: sum of the final punctuations obtained by ones opponents except the lowest one.
  • Bucholz middle: sum of the final punctuations obtained by ones opponents except the lowest one and the highest one.
  • Bucholz total: Sum of the final punctuations obtained by all ones opponents
  • Progressive System
  • Lottery


registrations & information: info@calviafestival.com